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CALSC was created and has been run by Jane Mitchell for 26 years (sometimes with a little help from her family).  Jane will be off work with immediate effect and hopes to return to work in January 2016.  In this time it will not be possible to take phone calls and we have removed our number from the website.

We will continue to fulfill orders that are received by post if they are accompanied by a cheque made payable to CALSC or with credit card details.  The card must be registered at the delivery address and details should include the name, the long number, the start and expiry date and the three digit number from the back of the card.  We expect to process orders within 7 to 10 days of receipt.

If you have an old copy of Mastering Memory, purchased prior to 2013, it will not be fully functional on Windows 7 or 8.  If you want to upgrade, please select what you want from the order form and then knock 30% off the VAT inclusive price for your order.  This renewal price is only available if the order is accompanied by the old CD, which will not be returned to you.  Student information is stored on your computer and not the CD and you will not be disclosing student information by returning the CD.

Please take care to fill out your order form with all the information requested and to accompany the order with payment and the old CD if you are claiming the renewal price.  

Thank you

Our address for orders is:

P.O. Box 63,
New Romney,
TN28 9AA.

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